Saturday, June 4, 2011

Etsy in Australia!!

Typographic Australian City Print by ButtercupInk

Oops....I'm a bit late with this but most Aussie readers would hopefully know about it already (and you should have received the newsletter I sent out about it if you're in the Sydney Etsy Team).

Etsy admin Matt Stinchcomb is in Sydney right now!  Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) there's a special 'Etsy meetup and chat with Matt' @ the western foyer of the Opera House (outside the playhouse theatre). It starts at 4pm and there'll be a chance to ask questions and share your etsy experiences. 

Hope to see some of you there! I spotted Matt this evening, so can confirm that he does indeed exist, and is in the country right now! :)

Matt is heading to Melbourne on Sunday, but it appears that the Melbourne meetup is full.

Info on the etsy blog here

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

June's Merchandising Themes

Now is a great time to be checking out Etsy's merchandising themes for June so that you can create new items, tag your existing items appropriately, and make treasuries that fit in with some of the trends. Hopefully this will maximise your chances of being featured by etsy, and it also gives you clues about what buyers might be searching for currently (and buying!).

You can find full details of June's themes on the etsy blog here.

Trendy finds for June:

Vampire Fangs Necklace by asilomarworks

Rustic Woodland Chalkboard Hearts Place Cards by BraggingBags

Surf Bubble Terrarium by Terradctl

Vintage Black Patent 1960s Clutch by ForestDaydream

Fathers Day Brass Washer Key Chain by IHeartThis

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top 5 signs that you need an etsy break

 So I fell off Planet Blog for a little while there- I was finishing my PhD thesis and had to take a break from etsy and all things etsy-related. I'm back now (sort of) so will be getting back into writing blog posts to help sellers with their etsy sales!

Given that this is just a quick and rather random post, I thought I may as well include this additional piece of case some of you might need a bit of time away from etsy as well ;)

Top 5 signs that you need an etsy break:

1) You accidentally say 'lol' or 'ROFL' in conversation instead of laughing

2) You melt/burn something on the stove because you are reading the etsy forums (setting fire to something also counts)

3) Writing an 'Etsy I'm breaking up with you' letter seems like totally normal behaviour

4) You have been on etsy at 2am more than once in the last month and/or you have spent more than 4 hours straight in the forums in the last two weeks

5) You might consider buying your partner/family this card:

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Australian Flood Disaster

As many of you would know, Queensland in Australia has been affected by massive floods. The floods have affected 75% of the state, and the disaster area is twice the size of Texas! The death toll so far is sadly at 20, and the damage bill is expected to reach up to $20 billion. Many people have lost everything.

Flash flooding in Toowoomba- Daniel Munoz, Reuters

Many Australian sellers on etsy are working together to try and raise funds to help those affected by the disaster, and there are lots of ways you can help- either by donating an item, buying some cool stuff with the proceeds being donated to the flood relief fund, or by helping to spread the word about these efforts.

The Australian Etsy DUST team has established a shop taking donations from sellers all over the world, with all funds (minus etsy and PayPal fees) to be donated to the Queensland Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal (over $3800 has been raised already). There are new goodies being added all the time, but you have to be quick before someone else snaps them up because things are selling quickly! You can visit the ausdisasterrelief shop on etsy here.

A couple of my favourites from the shop:

Customised Amigurumi Toy by rosieok

Visual Journal Slip Cover by iheartcharlie

The Queensland BrisStyle team has also launched a Handmade Ark Flood Appeal, where participating members are donating proceeds from their sales. You can find out info and browse the lovely things for sale via the team's blog- they have raised over $2000 already!

Picks from the Handmade Ark Appeal:

Follow Your Heart Garland by LittleMaryMoo

Banana Cupcake Soap by warmsigh

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