Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick Tips: How to Find Help

These are just some quick ideas for new and struggling sellers on how to find one-on-one help (in addition to reading the general information available in the etsy forums).
Sometimes it can help to get some specific feedback from someone, especially if you're a bit stuck and unsure about what to do next.

Menagerie Bobby Pins- You Pick 5 Animals by PandaCub

Join a Team
Etsy teams can be a great source of support- in terms of promoting each other, education, and also moral support or encouragement. You can browse all of the etsy teams and find details on how to join here.

Find a Real-Life Mentor
Sometimes finding a real-life mentor can be a great help, especially in terms of hands-on techniques, local supply sources, local business know-how etc. Is there someone you know in real life whose experience you might be able to benefit from?

Lab Ware Button Set by ScientificCulture

Attend a Live Critique in the Etsy Labs
Etsy admin and the Sellers Assisting Sellers Team run regular live critique sessions in the etsy labs, where you can get specific feedback. The Sellers Assisting Sellers Team also runs live critiques in the etsy forum and chat rooms on occasion, and these sessions are announced on the TeamSASsy facebook page.

Geeky Educational Primary Grade Maths Gnome Set by JulieBlanchette

Post in the Critique Section of the Etsy Forum
It can be helpful to ask for a critique on the etsy forums. Advice offered is only opinion, so don't feel that you have to take all of it on board....and don't forget to thank people if they spend time looking at your shop :)

Moda Dea Sassy Stripes Self-Striping Yarn from CrochetGal

Contact a Mentor on the Sellers Assisting Sellers Team
If you need one-on-one help and can't find the answer yourself (or need a critique), you can contact a mentor from TeamSASsy:
(or if you're 'mentor material' yourself and would like to join the team and become a mentor, you can find an info link here. We welcome new team members!)

Feel free to share your own ideas on ways to find one-on-one help in the comments, or links to useful resources :)

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