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About My Designs
I am in the final stages of completing my PhD in neuroscience, and have created Morphologica to have a bit of fun with a normally serious subject.

During my research, I have discovered that science can be surprisingly beautiful- single cells viewed under a microscope, intricate networks of cells important for learning and memory, and even the curving structure of the brain itself.
I have tried to capture some of this beauty in the Morphologica pieces, focusing on the shape or morphology of a variety of subjects studied in neuroscience.

About This Blog
My Etsy shop has been relatively successful in a short time because of all the online promotion that I do. I spent a year playing around on etsy before I started to actually trying to make sales, and one of the fun parts for me is to try and share some of the information I've learnt with others (I'm also Team Leader of the Sellers Assisting Sellers team on etsy).
I'm not claiming to be an expert on everything of course, but I hope that you find some of the info useful!

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