Monday, July 5, 2010

8 Useful Etsy Sites

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8 Useful Etsy Sites For Sellers!

Check your heart statistics, and find past front page and Storque features. Includes graphs of hearts received over time.

Etsy Hacks
Lots of helpful add-ons to help you run your etsy shop (eg copy a listing, additional forum features)

Useful tools including a 'locator' that tells you where your item appears in search results for different keywords. You can also sign up for an email to be notified of front page appearances with the 'Featurator'.

Search Local Etsy
A site that allows you to search for items in a specific location using keywords or categories. Helpful for supply shopping and other etsy buying.

Find out which treasuries you're in and which search terms people use to find your items in case you're not a Google Analytics fan (site requires access to your google analytics account).

Soopsee allows you to easily create a free website displaying your etsy items, blog feed, links to twitter/facebook/flickr etc all in the one place (you can see example of live sites here).

CraftCount shows the top etsy sellers (by number of sales) in different cateogories and countires. Useful info for research on what the big sellers are doing right!

Etsy Fee Calculator
The etsy fee calculator at allows you to see how much profit you make on each item after etsy fees, paypal fees, shipping costs and materials. You'd be suprised how many people are selling things without making any profit...or even shops where a sale actually costs them money!

Hope these were useful!

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