Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moo-rific business cards!

My latest batch of Moo mini business cards arrived in the post today- always very exciting!! (yes I know that's a bit sad and nerdy) I'm going to be using these ones as product tags for a *very* exciting wholesale order...

My Morphologica Mini Moo Cards

If I were more organised, I'd look into some more creative ideas- I read on the Moo blog ages ago that a portrait photographer gives her clients personalised cards with different portraits of their children to hand out to their friends to encourage referrals- brilliant!

I also love what this jeweller is doing with hers:

Mini Moo cards by Abigail Percy

...and a clever etsy seller even makes necklaces with moo cards!!

Milkshake 3 Moo Card Necklace by 3Squares

"Moo MiniCards are little works of art and deserve to be seen. This necklace is the perfect way to carry a few, and display them at the same time" - 3Squares

I'd love to hear your ideas for creative things to do with business cards or how you use them to dress up your packaging. Feel free to post a link in the comments if you have pictures of how you use your mini cards and I'll pick some to feature on the blog. Don't forget to leave your shop URL so I can link to you :)

If you want to grab some moo cards for yourself, you can find them on the interwebs here


  1. Arr, they look smashing! I especially like the jewelery one. I be in the market for some new business cards meself.

  2. Oof I am kind of obsessed with my moo cards. People love them too - they actually go through and pick out the ones they want!

  3. I also order their stickers. I get some with a coupon "code" printed on them to stick in my cards to the buyers, and I get some with my logo to act as wrapping seals.


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