Monday, November 15, 2010

Etsy Teams: Etsy Dark Team

Bunny Tea Party by GrandOleBestiary

This is the first in a series of blog posts showcasing some of the awesome teams on etsy!

SWStitchery, team leader for the EtsyDarkTeam, kindly agreed to answer some interview questions about the team representing the dark side of Etsy...

Cirque de noir black and white veil by SistersOfTheMoon

1) Can you tell us a little bit about the team and how it started?
The group started out of the need for a dark team on Etsy. There wasn't one, or if there was one it never really took off. It started collecting like minded artisans on what is now our private team site then offically became an Etsy team a couple years ago and has been gathering more and more ever since.

Batling Ornament by SWStitchery

2) The dark team has a pretty strong online presence- what are the main team sites and events that people should keep an eye out for?
Our main public forum is on Facebook with over 1500 followers:
The brand new, up-to-date, Etsy Team page can be found here:
And, our public online hub of all things EtsyDarkTeam will be: (under construction but projected to be done before the end of the year)

Gothic Neo-Victorian Statement Necklace by EJPCreations

The event to keep an eye out for are the Black Friday weekend deals (11/26 to 11/29)! Be sure to follow our team blog or join us on Facebook so you don't miss out. The sneak peek blog post will be up by 11/19.

Gothic Spider Purse by RavenOfSkys

3)I'd love to see more of the dark side of etsy- what kind of cool stuff can people expect to find if they search for items from dark team members?
Type "etsydarkteam" in Etsy's search box and you will find everything from vampire dollhouse accessories to offbeat wedding items to coffin couches, missing nothing in between. There are gifts for your kids, gifts for your pets, and - believe it or not - even gifts for your mom! Our members currently have items in 28 of Etsy's categories which means that whatever you are looking for you can probably find it!

Monstress Zine - Malfunction by MonstrousIndustry

4) How can etsy sellers get involved if they'd like to be part of the team, and what is the basic philosophy behind the group?
As I mentioned there is a shiny, new, up-to-date Team page on Etsy which will have all the needed info when the Team is open for applications here: and the "Captain" of the team (moi, SWStitchery) can be contacted via that page also.

In the Twilight of the Evening by RusticGoth

Our philosophy, in short, is best said by our tagline "Some call it odd, we call it Art!" We are a group of sellers made up of Artists, Seamstrix, Jewelers, Miniaturists, Milliners and much more that cater to The Dark Side of Life. Love zombies? Sunglasses at night? Tim Burton? Vampires? Taxidermy? Midnight walks through cemetaries? Black, black and more black? Twisted cuteness or down right spookiness? So do we!

Custom Couple's Zombie Portait by CustomZombie


  1. Thanks for showing one of my pieces in your blog post.

  2. Such a great interview! Thank you so much for featuring such an amazing group of people. I don't know what I would have done without my team mates these last couple years.

  3. EDT is just awesome... love to be in the family ;)

    great interview btw!!!

  4. Yay! Love being a part of EtsyDarkTeam and what a great blog post about the team!

  5. Cool interview SWS! Way to go Dark Team ;)

  6. Great feature on the Etsy Dark Team. I'm a member! There's so many fab darker themed finds on Etsy.

  7. As Eco Etsy team captain, I appreciate this feature about the Etsy Dark Team. It's nice to see teams being featured and not just one seller. It would be cool to be featured here.

    Great post about the Team Dark Team! Sounds like a fun team to be in.


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