Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top 5 signs that you need an etsy break

 So I fell off Planet Blog for a little while there- I was finishing my PhD thesis and had to take a break from etsy and all things etsy-related. I'm back now (sort of) so will be getting back into writing blog posts to help sellers with their etsy sales!

Given that this is just a quick and rather random post, I thought I may as well include this additional piece of case some of you might need a bit of time away from etsy as well ;)

Top 5 signs that you need an etsy break:

1) You accidentally say 'lol' or 'ROFL' in conversation instead of laughing

2) You melt/burn something on the stove because you are reading the etsy forums (setting fire to something also counts)

3) Writing an 'Etsy I'm breaking up with you' letter seems like totally normal behaviour

4) You have been on etsy at 2am more than once in the last month and/or you have spent more than 4 hours straight in the forums in the last two weeks

5) You might consider buying your partner/family this card:

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  1. very entertaining random post!

  2. 3 out of 5 isn't bad right?! Thanks for including my "Ya Miss Me?" greeting!


Thanks for your comment :)

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