Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etsy Business Tips on Twitter!

Love Bird Studs by redpoppyaccessories

I've just set up a new twitter account for this blog where I'll be sharing random etsy business tips, useful forum posts, interesting blog posts etc. You can also send me a tweet if you're having trouble finding information on an etsy topic.

You can find me here: and also on my morphologica account: (it might take a couple of days, but I'll follow back).

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  1. Thanks, there was something I was looking for through Esty and couldn't find the link. I'm looking for Etsy hacks, it wouldn't work through Internet Explorer when I first came across it, but I also have foxfire and wanted to try to access it that way, but I no longer could find the link. If you know how I can find it or if you can send it I would most appreciate. Thanks

  2. First result in google ;)

  3. Awesome! I'm a lurking reader of the the back quietly taking notes. You are a wonderful resource, Thanks!


Thanks for your comment :)

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