Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best Etsy Forum Posts: Sales, Facebook and Renewing

A selection of some my favourite etsy forum business posts...

Get the etsy sales you want by TheHouseOfMouse
A huge list of useful links and information on areas for improvement

The ultimate newbie guide by sagittariusgallery
A fantastic resource for newbies!

Fixing the low views on etsy (it's up to you) by TimothyAdam
This one's a bit old but still delivers an important message

Facebook mistakes series by starglowstudio

So you want to be an etsy failure by TwoIndustriousFerret
This one's just funny :)

Some alternatives to renewing by Daneillexo
Other ways to be seen on etsy (by etsy admin Danielle)

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  1. Thanks for your great blog! Your "Etsy Self-Service Critique" has encouraged me to update my shop banner (yet again)! those things can be so tricky! -jessica


Thanks for your comment :)

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