Sunday, August 1, 2010

Product Trends Series: Nautical and Black Lace

Some more of the hot product trends on etsy and elsewhere in the retail world:


Sailor Swimsuit by FablesbyBarry

I Spy Working Telescope Necklace by PennyMasquerade

Stockholm Navy and White Pleated French Messenger by ikabags

Sailor's Lover Blouse by esoneofone

Stop the Ship- A Sweet Antiqued Anchor Necklace by FleurAvenue


Vintgae 80s Black Lace Sweetheart Bodycon Mini Dress from MidnightFlight

Black Elastic Lace Trim from Lovepea

Gothic Gray and Black Lace Clutch with Striped Bow by BeanBun

Stella II in Lace- Custom Made by MyBlackDress

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  1. Formidable collection !

    Love love love it !

    Thanks so much !

  2. You always pick such great 'stuff'! Excellent blog!

  3. Awesome collection! I've never been a fan of nautical that wasn't piratey, but you really picked some amazing pieces! Thanks for including my bag!

  4. I'm not too much into the nautical collection, but the black lace I love! As I love the Warning Label bag you featured!

  5. Wow thank you so much for including my telescope necklace in your nautical finds! I really appreciate it! Love the pieces you've chosen! :)


Thanks for your comment :)

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