Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quick Tips: How to get a Shorter Custom URL for Your Facebook Fan Page

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When you set up a facebook fan page, the URL assigned to your page contains the name of your page and a bunch of numbers. This post explains how to get rid of the messy numbers so that you have a more professional URL to direct people to, like my facebook fan page address ->

To do this, you only need to have 25 fans (it used to be 100).

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Go to but be careful with this next bit- you want to set a username for your page and not for your personal facebook profile, and this can't be changed once you've set it. There should be an option towards the bottom of the info that allows you to choose to set a username for your page.

Now you'll have an address for your fan page that looks more professional and is easier to share!

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  1. Nic, I think I love you!!! I can't tell you how much that dumb address annoyed me. Now I amd at peace with facebook :)

  2. You rock!! THANK YOU! By the way love your work!

  3. yeah, I did this a few months ago and unfortunately got mine stuck to my persoanl page. Just be very careful. Oh well. Messy address it is.

  4. Great tip! Many Etsy sellers who mention their Facebook fan page in their shop announcement can now save some extra space and avoid all of those jumbled numbers.

  5. Thanks Nicky, I tried to do this a while ago, but only managed to change it to which didn't really say facebook...Now I have to correct one.

  6. awesome. thanks SO much... i had been wanting to fix that for a while now!


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