Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Brilliant Marketing Tricks Blog Series

Don't miss out on this! Some of the big creative entrepreneurs on the interwebs are getting together to present a Brilliant Marketing Tricks Blog series this week and next.

Here's a list of all the events, provided by Tim Adam:

Monday Nov 8: Introduction to the Blog Series – Mayi Carles from heartmade

Tuesday Nov 9: E-books – Tim Adam from Handmadeology

Wednesday Nov 10: Collaboratives – April Bowles from Blacksburgbelle

Thursday Nov 11 (double dose): Podcast + Interviews – Srinivas Rao from The Skool of Life / Stylish Marketing
+ PR Services for Small Independent Businesses – Jena Coray from Miss Modish

Friday Nov 12: Services + E-courses – Tara Gentile from Scoutie Girl

Monday Nov 15: Online Shops – Mayi Carles from heartmade

Tuesday Nov 16: Events + Shopping Parties – Mallory from Miss Malaprop

Wednesday Nov 17: Video – Nathalie Lussier from Raw Food Witch

Thursday Nov 18 (double dose): Facebook + Twitter – Irene Zuccarello from Imaginative Bloom

Social Photo Catalogs like Flickr + Pinterest – Nancy from Wolf and Willow

Friday Nov 19: Building your Brand – Brittni Wood from Paper N’ Stitch

Rivet Series Camera 2 by TimothyAdamDesigns

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  1. i'm SUPER excited about this series! i follow both Mayi and Tim...i'm a little behind in the threads, but hoping to catch up tomorrow! this is very exciting! thanks for sharing =]

  2. It would really be of help, teaching us a lot about blog marketing.


Thanks for your comment :)

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