Friday, March 12, 2010

Quick Tips: Free Blog Buttons

Vintage Button Brooch by sheepsclothing

Ever wondered where to find all of those free blog buttons (facebook, twitter, share this etc)? When setting up my blogs I had to go hunting all over the internet, so I thought it might save others some virtual legwork if I put together a list!

#1 Share this blog post on twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, myspace etc
This button is available in different formats at addthis and easily allows your readers to share blog posts they like. You can see an example at the bottom of this blog post where it says 'share' with the little icons (and please feel free to share the post if you find it useful!) :)

#2 Suggest other blog posts you've written that might interest your readers
Don't waste older content- LinkWithin suggests previous blog posts that readers might like by presenting thumbnail pictures at the bottom of each blog post. You can see an example on my other blog TheAustralianEtsyBlog.

#3 Add code for a blog button that your blog readers can use
At the bottom of the right side panel on this blog you can see two EtsyBusinessTips buttons for blog readers or featured sellers to use. The code to add the buttons is provided underneath so that people can easily copy the code and paste it into an html blogger widget for their sidebar so that they can share your blog (with a link to your site). Instructions for how to create one for your own blog can be found here.

#4 Free 'Follow Me' Twitter Buttons
One source for lots of different choices of Twitter buttons is TwitterButtons. There's a list of other places to find cool buttons and widgets that display your latest tweets here.

#5 Add a Facebook Fan Page Box to your blog
You can easily add a facebook box (like mine on the right side bar) that allows people to become fans of your page without leaving your blog! The link is here (you will need to login).

#6 A variety of blog buttons and blinkies
Here are a few sites with random/cutesy free buttons and blinkies (although a google search will bring up many more): ShabbyBlogs, AprilShowersBlogDesign, myonecuteblog, thecutestblogontheblock.

#7 Etsy buttons and galleries
Adding a mini etsy gallery is easy- just go to 'your etsy' and find the 'promote' section on your left side panel, and there are intructions for adding an etsy mini (if you're interested in tracking visits through an etsy mini with google analytics, you should read this).
You can also add a scrolling etsy gallery that allows people to add your items to their cart by clicking through from your blog. To add this, go to and type in your Etsy username. Then go to 'helpers' then 'widgets'. Copy and paste the longer code into your blog side bar in an html widget. You can see an example of one of these scrolling galleries on my other blog TheAustralianEtsyBlog.
You can also find some etsy badges here on the etsy community pages.

#8 RSS feed subscription buttons, email subscription forms, subscription counters
These can all be set up from within feedburner
Subscribe in a reader

#9 Allow readers to submit their links (eg for giveaway lists etc)

You can add a widget through MrLinky so that readers can add a link and details

#10 Ask for suggestions for blog topics etc from your readers
I have a box on the right side panel to allow people to submit their etsy business questions so that I can answer them through this blog. To add a similar box, visit Skribit.

....and there are lots more! Please feel free to share sources for your favourite blog buttons in the comments!

Hocus Pocus Black Circles on White Buttons from VoodooRabbit


  1. Where was this post a couple of months ago! A great collection of resources here - it took me ages of hunting around to find twitter buttons & Link Within :)

  2. Awesome! Just the info I am looking for.

  3. Nice to have all of this in one spot - thanks Nicky!

  4. Buttons! Oh... you mean those buttons.

  5. This is a wonderful list and you are so kind to share it! Thank you!

  6. Wow thanks for all of that - it always amazes me how much time you spend sharing and helping others. Thank you yet again - Christine

  7. I shared this on facebook - awesome post, super useful! Thanks!

  8. Awesome post!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! You're SO high on my Sauceome list now!

  9. thank you for this post, very helpful!

  10. Thanks so much for the tips! I just added the LinkWithin widget to my blog - love it! Had no idea how to do that until I read your tips. Thanks again!! XOXO Cindi

  11. OMG great help for a not too computer savvy like me! Thanks

  12. Thank you so much for your tips. I have been wanting to know how to dot he LinkWithin widget and now it is on my blog.

  13. Super post... thanks for your help!

  14. Great tips !! I already used some of them :) Thank you

  15. Thank you for etsy scrolling gallery tip !!

  16. I have just come back to this post to find the 'add this' button! This blog is the BEST resource ever :D


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